Without A Tour was born from a desire to prove that it’s possible to travel the world without a tour.

After leaving university with a degree in History and Politics, Essex raised Ellen had a burning desire to travel. However, the small, or rather large, issue of finances stood in her way. It was here that Ellen became creative in finding alternative ways to travel and how to finance them. A nine-month teaching placement in China followed, and Ellen became a savvy backpacker with a new found knowledge of how to travel the path less-trodden without the need for a package holiday.

With special emphasis on Asia and Europe, this blog encompasses all that’s needed for a budget-friendly adventure; providing advice in the form of location-specific guides, reviews, itineraries and so much more.


When did this blog start?
March 2018

Where is home?
Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom.

Do you have a 9-5 job?

Yes. I work in SEO for a digital marketing agency in London.

Longest time spent outside the UK?
9 months.

How many countries have you visited?
28 and counting.

Beach holiday, skiing, city-break or camping?
BEACH!!! Camping is a close second.

Favourite holiday destination ?
Skiathos, Greece. Koh Rong, Cambodia. Beijing, China. – All so different but all so incredibly beautiful.

 Longest flight?
12 hours from Shanghai to London (although the longest journey I’ve done is a deadly 16 hours on a train in China).

Top bucket list locations?
India, The Philippines, Japan.

Last place you visited?
Edinburgh, Scotland.

Where to next?